Bokzuy is an original project of Iván López Martín, an employee of Kaleidos, so it makes perfect sense this Who We Are has two sections.

Iván López Martín


One day last April 2011, due perhaps to an unexpected overdose of chocolate and junk food, I decided to set up a tool for my colleagues as an excuse to learn Grails. I learned! It was fun to "Commit" at night, though my sweet wife was not of the same opinion. The tool was soo successful internally, that the team at Kaleidos decided to push it forth with greater resources and development. Bokzuy was born.

I'm a dad - and a geek, so aside from "feeding the kids", I am also training a team of mini ninjas to take over the world. In fact the name of the tool was inspired by a moment with one of my kids. The name started off as a started placeholder, but now it'll stay there forever, for all posterity.



In July 2011 after 7 years as a division of a large Madrid-based systems integrator, Kaleidos was spun-off with a mission to write the best computer code using Open Software. Our Manifiesto sums up how we like to work and the products in which we specialize. Bokzuy is one of our own internal projects, born from our employees creativity and innovation, and in an open spirit of sharing with the world.

If you want to know more aboute Kaleidos, our projects or how to collaborate, just email us at .